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60,000L HazSure Tank

In October of 2014, APD designed and built what is to date the largest Polyethylene Bulk Hazardous Storage tank in New Zealand. The tank is a multilayer design in accordance with BS EN12573 and EN1778 with additional FEA analysis work performed to meet the client’s specification which is as follows;

  • A working volume of 60,000L
  • accommodate a long term internal pressure of 1.5Kpa and a maximum internal pressure of 2.7KPa
  • Designed for seismic loading.
  • Have a 600mm side entry manway and a top mount inspection hatch
  • Various fittings to suit level measurement, inlets and outlets
  • To have a ladder with cage and a handrail to ensure safe access for maintenance and inspection purposes of equipment.
  • Connect the tank vent and overflow to passive scrubbers to capture the Hydrochloric fumes during filling and emptying of the tank

The overall tank dimensions are;

  • Base diameter – 4770mm
  • Barrel height – 4025mm
  • Overall tank height – 4520mm

In additional, the tank has a specially designed internal roof structure to resist the long term internal pressures the tank is subject to.

Tank side view
60,000L Hazsure Plain Tank