A modular rectangular underground tank – StormLite®


  • no off the shelf solution available
  • height restrictions
  • cylindrical tank required but not practical
  • custom build required to exacting strength requirements

There was no easy to use off-the-shelf tank that could meet the requirements for this site. QDC Works Limited needed to be able to detain 3,000L of storm water as part of their project but because of site restrictions they needed a tank less than 500mm high, buried 1.6m underground.

Our Task

APD were approached to provide a cylindrical style StormLite© tank for this project but because of the depth of cover required and tight constraints on the tank height, this wouldn’t work.
We needed to deliver a tank inherently strong enough to withstand the load resulting from 1.6m depth of cover that was less than 500mm high. Like our other tanks it had to be optimised to contain the volume required while keeping the tank as small as possible; minimising the cost.