Wasteworks Sewage Pumping Stations


  • Pumping stations
  • temporary storage tanks
  • ideal for collecting water or waste and then pumping away to the council stormwater or sewage system.


Our pumping station are available in 3 standard volumes of 500 Litres, 800 Litres and 1200 Litres. If you need something bigger, we can make the tank to virtually any volume you require.


  • Made from robust black polyethylene (PE)  and are therefore lightweight for their size, making handling onsite and installation easy.
  • The tanks have a specially designed bottom flange to prevent uplift.
  • Supplied complete with pumps suitable for your application.  These can be grinder or vortex pumps and sized to meet the site specific pressure and flow requirements.
  • The internal pipework is pre fitted and included is a non return valve, an isolation valve, electrical glands, high level float and a heavy gauge galvanised chain for ease of pump removal.
  • The pump controller features overload protection and a high level alarm. The manway access lid is sealed and bolted with Stainless bolts.

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