Custom Design


  • in-house design
  • fabrication
  • on-site install


Sandblasting Hoppers, Truck and Bin Liners, Degassing Towers, Cellphone Antenna Shrouds, Mining Slurry Tanks, Feed Hoppers, Boat/Pier Pontoons, Drip Trays, Scrubbers, Pump Housing, Machine Covers, Shields & Guards.

Boat & RV Water & Wastewater Tanks

Plastic offers significant advantages over metal for potable water, grey water and black water tanks. Plastic tanks do not corrode, they do not taint, do not “oil can” and are lighter than metal tanks of the same standard.

Size and shape are customised to maximize capacity and minimize waste space. Made from food grade polyethylene,  APD water tanks are custom designed and built to your particular requirements and include baffles and threaded sockets for inlet, outlet and vent.