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Process Tank Solutions

HazSure Steel Reinforced Tanks

Our PP, PVC and PVDF open topped rectangular tanks are prefered by many in the metal finishing industry.  The majority of our Process Tanks consist of a solid polypropylene shell reinforced with steel.  This construction is suitable for almost all metal finishing Process Tanks. Polypropylene is resistant to most corrosives, is tough and strong and welds easily. Designed and constructed to the DVS 2205 and BS EN 12573 Engineering Standards, these tanks offer many years of trouble free operation and are more easily modified, or repaired, than more traditional styles of tank. Traditionally Dual Laminate Tanks have been used in the electroplating industry, but because of cost, Dual Laminate is now only used where a PVC, or PVDF liner is required for corrosion resistance, for example chromic or chromo-sulphuric acid tanks.

HazSure Tank Liners

APD supply the best quality, best value rigid drop-in, PP, PE or PVC, Tank Liners. When supported by steel, Shell Liners are often the best cost option for Process Tanks and are widely used in the metal finishing industry, particularly for powder coating.  Because of our unique fabrication equipment, our Liners are excellent value and their quality is second to none.  Normally constructed from 6mm black co-polymer, the Liners are butt and extrusion welded to form a rigid liner that fits snugly into the steel tank, protecting it from corrosion. Liners are often used to extend the life of older tanks which would otherwise need to be replaced.


Fibreglass Reinforced Tanks

For Storage or Process Tanks, occasionally the chemicals used in the tank are not compatible with HDPE, or PP.  In these situations, a PVC/GRP tank maybe necessary.  APD can provide cylindrical Storage Tanks and rectangular open Process Tanks to meet your needs. Contact us for more information, or to help find a solution to your requirements.