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HazSure Chemical Storage Solutions

Hazsure Plain Tanks & Bunds

– HazSure tanks are compliant with New Zealand Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements  and Australian requirements and are designed and built in accordance with our Code of Practice COP4-3.

– HazSure tanks all have a 25 year design life, which is 15 years longer than  similar rotationally moulded tanks

– Suitable for long term storage of most Class 5, 6, 8 and 9 Hazardous Substances – most acids, caustics, cleaners etc

– HSNO test certified.  A complete documentation set is provided with each tank ready to provide to your Test Certifier

– Very competitive priced when compared with stainless steel, GRP and even mild steel tanks

– Tank working volumes (capacity) up to 60,000 Litres

–  HazSure tanks, including all their fittings, fasteners and seismic restraints, are made from non corroding plastics, ensuring a long term maintenance free life

All Hazardous Substance Storage Tanks need to be located in a bunded area. APD designs and builds HSNO compliant bunds to suit all of our plain tanks, including rain covers to prevent water from filling up the bund. This is especially important for chemicals that react when exposed to water. Our bunds have the following advantages;

– All that is required is a flat concrete surface to fix the tank and bund on to. The tank and bund can then installed in a matter of hours, no waiting for expensive site works and coatings.

-HazSure bunds all have a design life of 25 yrs  and are suitable for most class 5, 6, 8 & 9 liquids

– HazSure bunds can be easily relocated to a new site at a later date if required

– HazSure bunds are very cost effective in comparison to the major site works required in constructing conventional concrete block bunding and the various coatings required to provide protection

– All bunds are fitted with a chemically resistant valve with locking handle


Hazsure Self Bunded Tanks

– HazSure Self Bunded Chemical Tanks have a unique double walled design which results in approximately a 50% space saving compared to traditional tanks and bunds

– HazSure Self-Bunded Chemical Tanks provide a weather-proof bund and tank in one package, to eliminate the need for daily checks and ensuring water and chemicals do not mix

– HazSure Self Bunded Tanks can be individually designed to suit your application and site or you can choose from our large range of standard sizes available up to 20,000 litres

– Our Self Bunded Tanks are suitable for both storage and process applications including mixing, blending, dilution and elevated temperature operation

– The tanks are supplied complete with inlet and outlet fittings, level indicators, vent, overflow and seismic restraints

– HazSure Self Bunded Tanks all have a 25 year design life – designed to outlast others by 15 years

– HazSure Self-Bunded Chemical Tanks are HSNO compliant and HSNO test-certified for most Class 5, 6, 8 and 9 chemicals

– Compliant with EPA requirements and Australian requirements

20,000L Self Bunded tank1 20,000L Self Bunded Tank2

Download the HazSure Plain Tank Brochure

Download the HazSure Self Bunded Brochure

Safety & Mixing Equipment

In addition to our range of Chemical Tanks, we can supply handrails, ladder and cages designed specifically to suit our tanks.  They are fabricated in steel and powder coated in a chemical resistant polylinathane for maximum protection.  All our handrails, ladders and cages are designed in accordance with AS1657.

For applications where mixing is required, we can provide mixers and mixer bridges designed specifically to suit your requirements.